The International Conference on Lightning & Static Electricity is a biennial conference with the aim bringing together experts from all fields on the subject of lightning and static electric. It is concerned with all aspects of lightning interaction with ground, air and sea systems. Papers will be presented that contain original material to promote discussion at all levels and address problems of present and future technologies.

ICOLSE aims to encourage a real understanding of atmospheric electricity environmental hazards. A full programme of papers on topics from phenomenology, through measurement, design, protection, testing and computational modelling will be presented.

Last three ICOLSE editions saw more than 200 attendees in average representing several companies, government agencies, universities and other organizations. The progress made in advancing the disciplines of lightning and static electricity was evident in the technical programs as well as through workshops and special sessions provided.

List of previous conferences:


Hosted by Madrid
(ESP) 2022


Hosted by Wichita
(USA) 2019

Hosted by Nagoya (Japan) 2017

Hosted by Toulouse (France) 2015


Hosted by Seattle (USA) 2013

Hosted by Oxford (UK) 2011


Hosted by Pittsfield (USA) 2009

Hosted by Paris (France) 2007


Hosted by Seattle (USA) 2005

Hosted by Blackpool (UK) 2003


Hosted by Seattle (USA) 2001

Hosted by Toulouse (France) 1999